RS21 Samsung american fridge freezer, icing up and noisy fridge video help

The Samsung RS21 fridge freezer cabinets have a problem in the fridge section where the temperature is too high, the fridge is noisy and the water dispenser can stop dispensing water.

This problem has been around now for several years, Samsung did a free fix a few years ago but any of the components can fail at any time.

For example, if the evaporator heater fails then the temperature will be affected within 2 days as ice blocks the airflow in the fridge. it is not unusual for 2 heaters to have failed, the tray heater can fail with little influence on the cooling ability of the fridge, the ambient temp and door openings play a significant part in how much moisture is entering the fridge as "fresh air".

if the thermal fuse fails the fault is that the whole unit will switch off and not restart to chill. This is because the PCB control unit is in the defrost cycle, waiting for heaters to heat up and for the defrost sensor to "restart" the refrigeration cycle. Unless this happens the unit will just defrost completely.

If the incoming power is switched off and then back on, the pcb control unit is reset to the refrigeration cycle, the unit will start to chill down again but will defrost after about 12 hours when the defrost cycle kicks in.. as per above explanation, therefor the Thermal trip or both heaters or all three have failed....

The defrost sensor has modified to be a black bullet shaped sensor on the end of 2 yellow wires. When this fails it usually goes out of calibration, not open circuit, therefore the defrost cycle does take place but not correctly. The pcb control is receiving information and therefore the fridge is not stopping and defrosting but builds ice on the fridge evaporator. Eventually the heaters are not powerful enough to melt the ice and the ice grows in volume to start interferring with the fan motor (the noise) and can freeze the cool water bottle.

The final part of this relates to the back panel in the fridge. This gets damaged by the ice, water ingresses the polystyrene insulation and turns it to mush, the foam seals are destroyed. the back panel can be further damaged by pulling and tugging to remove it when it is held by the ice...... defrost the fridge and the back panel easily lifts out. Pull and tug and you will damage the panel beyond saving.

Here is a video showing how to take the components out, rebuild is a reverse of it, please remember we are not film makers, the video is free to watch and has been made by complete amatures with a video recorder. We are however experts when it comes to refrigeration, both of us being fully trained and qualified fridge repairers. If you get stuck, need more help or want further info, just ask. feel free to comment or like/dislike our work....